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What is VelaRaid?

Taking place between VOGALONGA and VELALONGA, VelaRaid is a 5-day wanderlust sailing experience in the Venetian lagoon discovering hidden sites and meeting old and new friends from all Europe.

In the 10th edition new itineraries and places will be added to the sailing voyage as well as new experiences of the lagoon way of life.

It will be a way to know and share how we, the people of Circolo Velico Casanova and San Giuliano, live in this wonderful wetland that we call “home”.

Itineraries and activities are still being worked on!
Are you interested in checking it out?

Keep in touch and be one of us.

How is VelaRaid carried out?

There are one or two races or sailing course between 10 to 20 NM every day.

A little bit of competition, time togheter and meetings.

Lunch takes place on the boat or moored alongside a bragozzo equipped with kitchen or near a “casone” that serves us a freshly fried fish.

We anchor at sunset in the place where we spend the night and get together for a spritz. While waiting for dinner there is time to talk about the day.


How many boats?

This year the number of boats is limited to 25 / 30 due to the availability of mooring places and the new routes and experiences that we want to try.


What do you need to participate?

Five days of holidays.

A boat with centerboard draft with a maximum of 40 / 50 cm drift up, reefable sails and an alternative propulsion system of oars or a little outboard engine.
Boat safety equipment.

A minimum reserve of food and drinking water and waste bags. ( we want to be a “Leave no trace” route).
All weather conditions clothes and accessories.
A little spirit of adaptation and healthy competitiveness.


Reduced Raid, boarding and rental

This year it is possible to participate to the VelaRaid with these options:

The complete itinerary
The route in the northern lagoon – day 1 and 2.
The route in the southern lagoon – day 3, 4 and 5.

It is possible to ask for boarding or rental of a boat by contacting the organization adequately on time.


Arrival and reception

Circolo Velico Casanova is one of the nautical clubs present at Punta San Giuliano.

It is not a marina, there are no slipways but there are three cranes with which you can put your boat on the water free of charge. 
Once you park and rig your boat, you can refresh at the bar or have a first taste of the Venice Lagoon. 
CVC has showers and baths. In addition, there’s a beautiful lawn where you can relax by drinking a fresh beer.

The reception takes place the evening before the event. All the crews gather on the lawn of Circolo Velico Casanova for a welcome party by candlelight where old and new raiders have time to meet one another and familiarise with the faces and the names of those who, for the next 5 days, will be your adventure mates.


Events of the week

VelaRaid takes place between Vogalonga, the feast of the oars, the event that was born as a pacific protest against the excess of waves caused by motor boats and ships, and Velalonga.

We bring this event to your attention because we noticed that many raiders are excellent oarsmen as well as sailors.

Once the Vogalonga is finished there’s a gap day to relax, rig the boat for Velaraid and there we are at the opening dinner. The next morning we meet at 7 am at CVC to put the boats into the water, do a quick briefing and set off. From there onwards Velaraid starts and you can forget all your worries for five days and concentrate only on courses, depths and landscapes.

On Saturday we go back to base at San Giuliano: some hours to rest before the dinner which ends Velaraid and introduces to Velalonga: there is the prize giving ceremony for the raiders and you meet the crews which take part in Velalonga.

After the dinner on Saturday Velaraid ends after a week of sun, wind and fun. Many participants already think about the next edition… for us organisers it is the best compliment.

Sunday morning is Velalonga! A 10-mile regatta around Venice which counts around 200 boats of various sizes, types and origins. All the raiders are obviously invited to participate also to this great event.

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