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Velaraid 2018 10th Edition

         Thank you! VelaRaid people  

Boats layed up and cleaned. √ 
Boats carried on trolleys and departed. √
Sails and rows roomed. √
Waxed jacked and boots cleaned. √
Crews back to their usual life. √
It’s time for good memories and thank yous. √
As the person in charge of the organising commitee of Velaraid 2018 10th Edition, I would like to say a big and heartfelt


first of all to you “raiders” for taking part in this adventure. 
Thank you for the cooperation, the patience and the friendship.
Thank you to the members of Circolo Velico Casanova who in different ways worked for the realization of the event:

the organising commitee;
the website developer;
the route planners and explorers;
the board of directors for the support;
the secretary office for the extra work and the collaboration;
everyone who in different situations helped and solved emergencies during the event;
everyone who gave assistance and help in organizing the arrivals of the boats and crews and took care of the coach boat.

Thanks to: Barbara, Marina, Laura S, Sandra, Laura M;
Enzo, Vincenzo, Giorgio P, Vittorio, Raffaele, Diego, Mario, Sergio, Giorgio S, Alberto, Claudio S., Giambattista, Fabio.

Thank you, sponsors who supported us with friendship, sharing our goals and supporting us with giveaways for presents and prizes:
thank you Cristina, owner and founder of “Mare di Carta” bookstore and publishing company in Venice;
Fabizio of “Girolamo Luxardo SpA” of Torreglia;
Toni  owner and founder of “Grifone di Venezia”.

Thanks for giving us hospitality during the sailing routes to:

Toni, of the Scout Association Agesci of Venice, who run the Base Scout of Forte Mazzorbetto;
the people of Istituzione Centri di Soggiorno del Comune di Venezia, Colonia Morosini – Malamocco;
for their hospitality, their kindness and their  professionalism in helping us dealing with any issue due to last minute occurrences.

Thank you Ilaria and Savino of I&S Farm of S. Erasmo for having us on their property with friendship; for showing us their work and letting us taste their products, and in the end for planting with us a peach tree as a Velaraid crew visit memory.

Thank you to the members of the twin association APTRA of Arcachon (F) for being able to partecipate in Velaraid the week immediately after their event “Les Escales du Bassin d’ Arcachon 2018”, and despite of all the “adversities” involved in their coming to Italy.

Thank you, Jacques for staying in touch and maintaining the relatioship and sharing the idea of the twinning “Lagoons’ XChange”.

Thank you to the members of Polo Nautico for the understanding of the discomfort that every event creates in the area of San Giuliano, with cars and trolleys and boats arriving on the quarry, and the launch and beaching of the boats.

Thank you to the crane operators for their essential help, the extra work and the patience.

Thank you, Sonia and Valerio, for the welcome dinner; 
Walter of the Pescotteria for the prizegiving dinner; 
Cosmopan and Market Vignotto for the sailing lunches.

Thank you to all the previous organizing commitees of Velaraid for the work done allowing this adventure to reach its 10th Edition!

Thank you Regione Veneto, Comune di Venezia, Uisp for the patronage.

Thanks to all of you that I might not have mentioned with no intention to forget.

Fair Wind, my friends!

Claudio Trentin



Venice Lagoon Raid
P.ta San Giuliano, 15
30173 - Mestre (Ve)

Fax: +39 041 5312913







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